About Us


Mia Tribe is a Greek Social Cooperative Enterprise (SCE). The purpose of the Coop is the advocacy and empowerment of vulnerable people groups, which are defined by those who are in a disadvantageous position towards feasible integration into the labor market due to economic, social, and cultural causes. Greece being a country of destination for thousands of misplaced populations, and due to the economic crisis, their well being, integration, and future is left uncertain.  

The Workshop 

Mia Tribe's members hand-craft unique jewelry pieces which are designed in-house. All pieces are created using locally - and ethically - sourced material. The workshop's programs provide members with training in hard skills, such as jewelry - making and sewing, as well as valuable exposure to manufacturing and business concepts such as quality assurance, productivity, efficiency, and teamwork. 


The Tribe aims to research and promote like - minded organizations that are interested in furthering the network of advocacy and empowerment for vulnerable groups. Through partnership the Tribe hosts a mobile educational workshop that seeks to build the first foundations of community with transit groups that are still uncertain about their future.